29 - 31 MARCH 2022 BARCELONA
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PLA Ingeo 870 Filament

Exhibitor:   Eolas Prints - Let's create together

Sector:   Additive manufacturing applications

Brand name:  Eolas Prints

Manufacturer:   Eolas Prints

Ingeo 870 PLA Filament is an innovative, high-performance polymer that has been specifically developed for the 3D printing of functional and aesthetic parts. This filament is a more heat-resistant version of PLA that provides improved heat resistance and high impact strength to your 3D printed parts. With a simple heat treatment,  this polymer offers precise detail, good adhesion to build plates (no heating needed), less deformation, and minimises possible bending and support needed.



Exhibitor Eolas Prints - Let's create together

Eolas Prints - Let's create together
Address:  Parque Empresarial Besaya D-14
Town:  reocín
Postcode:  39538
County:  cantabria
Country:  Spain
Phone number:  +34 942 735 955
Pavilion:  F609